About the Relay


Families separated by border policies have been parted for well over a year…
while yachties and cricketers are allowed through the “closed” border.
People who were encouraged to build lives here can’t return…
while actors and their entourages are welcomed in.
Doctors and teachers have been driven out by years of uncertainty…
while New Zealand is desperate for their skills.

Those who set the policies may not be listening
– but our loving God always is!


The Immigration Prayer Relay is a sequential gathering of the Christian churches of New Zealand. Each congregation in turn takes a day to pray for our immigration system and the people caught in it.

We pray:
that separated families will be reunited here – soon and smoothly;
that those who built lives here with our encouragement be allowed to return to rebuild – soon and smoothly;
that New Zealand’s immigration system be transformed – becoming honest, effective, and people-centred.


The Relay was begun by Epuni Baptist Church, a small congregation in Lower Hutt. Our attention and concern were raised through seeing how current immigration policy is affecting a family close to us. At the heart of the Relay is a desire to not only bring separated migrant families together in New Zealand but to bring the family of Christ closer together in prayer.


The Immigration Prayer Relay began on Tuesday, October 19th, 2021, the day Parliament resumed sitting. It will continue until the first two prayers have been answered (the third being difficult to measure).